Benefits of Storing Your Camera in a Pelican Case

As you probably already know cameras and camera equipment are delicate and costly instruments; you certainly can’t be too careful when carrying, storing and transporting them.

This is where Pelican Products Inc. comes into the picture; they manufacture the perfect cases to preserve your camera and any accessories that you may have to go along with it.

Whether you are looking for a case to hold just a camera, or a case that will hold your camera, extra lenses, batteries, memory cards, etc, a Pelican camera case will meet your needs.

Secure your camera equipment with Pelican’s Pick & Pluck Foam

When you’re dealing with fragile items like camera lenses and filters, among other camera accessories, you’ll feel safe knowing that Pelican’s Pick & Pluck foam will hold items in place, and provide cushioning for your valuables.

This foam is great because it allows you to customize the interior of your particular case according to your personal gear. The foam is easy to install…just pull out the half inch cubes wherever you don’t need them, and you’ve got instant protection. Depending on which case you’ve chosen, the foam comes in one, two and three layers. A set of Pick & Pluck foam also includes two more layers of foam—a layer in the base of the case and a layer in the lid liner. This foam is a stock accessory to all Pelican Cases.

Camera Cases to Consider

In general, most people choose a case from the medium case series in order to store their cameras and accessories. Features you want to look for in a Pelican case for camera equipment would include:

  • Padded Divider Set
  • Lid Organizer
  • Wheels with steel ball bearings
  • Retractable handle


Check out Pelican’s most popular Camera Case, the versatile Pelican 1510 with Padded Dividers.


Padlocks Safeguard Camera and Accessories against Theft

Whether you’re flying or driving with your expensive camera equipment, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Pelican offers two different padlocks to protect your valuables during travel until you reach your destination. The first is the Pelilock; it is a 4-number code combination brass lock that fits all Pelican Cases. The second is the TSA Lock; it is a 3-number code combination. TSA stands for Transportation Security Authority, and if TSA officials want to look inside your bag, they have a specific key to do that; they also must leave a note before re-locking it. This lock fits all Pelican Cases.

Try a Memory Card Case for Minuscule Storage

Pelican offers the Memory Card Case to protect the storage of your digital photos. This case can store SD (secure digital) cards, XD (picture) cards, memory sticks and CF (compact flash) cards. The type of card you choose is dictated by the digital camera you use. All Memory card Cases are water resistant.