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Pelican 1780TNF Transport Case (No Foam)
Retail Price: 584.95
Our Price:384.48
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Pelican Gun Cases - Interior Dimensions & Weights

Model# Interior Length Interior Width Interior Depth Weight*
  Pelican 1700   35.75" 13.50" 5.25" 16 lbs.
Pelican 1720 42" 13.50" 5.25" 16.76 lbs.
Pelican 1750 50.50" 13.50" 5.25" 23.59 lbs.
Pelican 1780 42" 22" 15" 38.40 lbs.

*Refers to weight without foam interior.

Pelican Hard Gun Cases

Pelican's hard gun cases give you a variety of options for storage & transport of your rifles, shotguns or pistols. Pelican offers weapons cases in different lengths and depths, allowing for storage of single or multiple guns in the same case. Each Pelican Gun Case contains stainless steel hardware and is outfitted with dual padlock protectors, which help keep your firearms safe and secure.

Airline Approved Gun Cases

Each Pelican gun case is an airline approved gun case, and can be included in your checked luggage if locked properly. It is also a good idea to use a Pelican TSA lock, to make the luggage check process quicker. Read more about TSA Guidelines for traveling with firearms.

Who Uses Pelican Gun Cases?

Pelican Weapons Cases have been a staple for military and law enforcement personnel for many years. This is because Pelican's Gun Cases are specifically designed to handle extreme amounts of abuse, while keeping your firearms inside safe from the elements. Each Pelican Gun & Rifle Case will provide years of gun protection, and include Pelican's famous Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.

What fits in a Pelican Gun Case?

With the variety of case sizes offered, you can find a Pelican Gun Case for just about any type of firearm. Whether you need a case for your rifle, shotgun, or multiple pistols, Pelican Gun Storage Cases are the perfect choice. Each case is fully customizable with Pelican's signature Pick N' Pluck foam interior, which will keep your firearms and accessories securely in place.