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Pelican 1510 Carry On Case With Padded Divider
Retail Price: 323.95
Our Price:191.05
Pelican 1520 Case
Retail Price: 208.95
Our Price:123.23
Pelican 1520 Case (No Foam)
Retail Price: 177.95
Our Price:104.95
Pelican 1520 Case With Convertible Travel Bag
Retail Price: 339.95
Our Price:200.48
Pelican 1520 Case With Padded Divider
Retail Price: 269.95
Our Price:159.20
Pelican 1550
Retail Price: 235.95
Our Price:139.15
Pelican 1550 - (No Foam)
Retail Price: 199.95
Our Price:117.92
Pelican 1550 EMS Case
Retail Price: 399.95
Our Price:235.87
Pelican 1550 With Padded Divider
Retail Price: 325.95
Our Price:192.23
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Pelican Medium Cases

Pelicanís line of medium hard cases are designed to perform a wide variety of tasks, and have many different configurations to suit your equipment protection needs. Each protective case can be outfitted with custom foam inserts which provide greater shock absorption as well as organization of space. As with the entire line, these Pelican Medium Cases are watertight, crushproof and dustproof, leaving your mind at ease knowing your valuables are well protected.

The Medium Case Series from Pelican are sized perfectly for ample storage space, while being compact enough to bring along with you. Some of the common uses for the Medium Pelican Case Series are: Transporting camera equipment, laptop computers, emergency medical equipment and gaming consoles.

If you're in need of something a little larger be sure to check out our selection of Gun/Rifle Cases, including the versatile Pelican 1720 Case, perfect for storage & transport of your rifle..

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