Waterproof Camera Case
Pelican 1200 Case
Retail Price: 69.95
Our Price:41.26
Pelican 1200 Case (No Foam)
Retail Price: 60.50
Our Price:35.69

Camera Cases by Pelican

Purchase a Pelican Waterproof Camera Case for your digital or video camera, and it will be the last case you’ll ever need. Pelican's waterproof camera cases are tough on the outside, while being soft and secure on the inside. The variety of customizable foam inserts available allow you to configure your camera case to secure virtually any type of camera. You can set your mind at ease knowing your camera and its accessories are well protected when storing them in a Pelican camera case.

Who uses Pelican Camera Cases?

When professional photographers and videographers need protection for their expensive camera equipment, they look to Pelican Camera Cases. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, and offering an unmatched level of protection, Pelican Camera Cases allow you to bring your delicate camera equipment just about anywhere.

Advantages of Waterproof Camera Cases

Storing your camera equipment in a waterproof camera case allows you bring your equipment places you normally wouldn't dare. Pelican designed these waterproof camera cases to be extremely durable, and perform under the worst conditions. So, next time you're worried about bringing your camera along, put it in a Pelican Waterproof Camera Case and leave your worries behind.