Pelican 1495 Case
Retail Price: 253.95
Our Price:149.77
Pelican 1495 Case (No Foam)
Retail Price: 227.95
Our Price:134.43
Pelican 1495CC1 Computer Case Deluxe
Retail Price: 387.95
Our Price:228.79
Pelican 1495CC2 Computer Case
Retail Price: 351.95
Our Price:207.56

Pelican Laptop Cases - Interior Dimensions & Weights

Model# Max Laptop Size Interior Length Interior Width Interior Depth Weight
Pelican 1080 13" 12.80" 9.80" 1.70" 2.76 lbs.
Pelican 1090 15.4" 15.00" 11.32" 1.92" 2.98 lbs.
Pelican 1490cc1 15.4" 17.75" 11.37" 4.12" 5.47 lbs.
Pelican 1490cc2 17" 17.75" 11.37" 4.12" 6.50 lbs.
Pelican 1495cc1 17" 18.87" 13.12" 3.81" 7.23 lbs.
Pelican 1495cc2 17" 18.87" 13.12" 3.81" 8.37 lbs.

Pelican Waterproof Laptop Cases

The longevity of your laptop computer is directly related to how well you protect it when on the go. These specially designed hard laptop cases will provide years of protection for your notebook computer. Pelicanís fully customizable foam inserts ensure that your laptop computer will remain in a fixed position while inside its protective case, and can also help organize your computerís accessories.

Pelican Laptop Cases are built to provide extreme protection for laptops of all sizes, in any conditions. Pelican's hard shell casing, combined with the plush foam interior allow you to bring your notebook computer just about anywhere you want in even the worst conditions. The Pelican laptop case series accommodates laptops ranging from 13 inches to 17 inches, and offers available accessories like an adjustable shoulder strap for convenient transport.

If you need to protect your laptop computer when on the go, there's no better way to do it than with a Pelican Laptop Case.