Pelican Case Replacement Foam
1520 Three Piece Foam Set
Retail Price: 73.95
Our Price:43.62
Pelican 1520 Divider / Foam Set
Retail Price: 133.95
Our Price:79.00


Pelican Case Foam

Pelican offers replacement foam for all of its case models, so you can keep your valuable gear protected at all times. Pelican's foam comes in a variety of styles including the Pick 'N' Pluck, Padded Dividers, and Pelican's custom foam for laptop cases.


Pick 'N' Pluck Foam

Pelican's Pick 'N' Pluck foam is perfect for creating a custom fit space for your gear. Each piece of Pick 'N' Pluck foam is die-cut to allow users to pull out how ever much foam they wish. This allows you to create a snug fitting space for gear ranging from small electronics to larger items like video equipment or firearms.


Pelican Padded Divider Foam Set

The Padded Divider Foam option consists of foam pieces covered in nylon, which are customizable to whichever size/shape you wish. The advantage of the Padded Diver Set is that you can change the configuration of your case interior as many times as you would like, allowing you to use your case for a variety of gear.