Pelican 1750
Retail Price: 387.95
Our Price:228.79
Pelican 1750 - (No Foam)
Retail Price: 335.95
Our Price:198.13

Large Pelican Cases

Pelican hard cases are renowned for being the most durable, longest lasting, multi-use hard cases on the market. Whether you need a storage case, shipping case, or you are just organizing your workspace, Pelican's Large Cases are the solution to your needs. These large, hard cases are made with high density Polypropylene plastic and are designed and built to be watertight, crushproof and dustproof. Each Pelican case can be fitted with Pick 'n' Pluck custom foam inserts to add even more protection or create a more organized space.

While Pelican's Large Cases provide great protection of your delicate items, we offer smaller sized cases for storing or transporting camera equipment, laptop computers, memory cards, cell phones and more!

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