What is the HD Hero GoPro Camera?

The HD Hero2 GoPro is a sporting camera capable of mounting on nearly any kind of sporting equipment: helmets, bikes, snowboards, surfboards, etc. This camera is designed to go with you where no other camera could go to capture those moments of adrenaline and awesomeness, so that you can share your experiences in the living room or on YouTube.

Expanding Your GoPro Experience

The Pelican 1150 Case is specifically designed for sensitive equipment like the GoPro HD Hero2 Camera. A Pelican case can withstand the pressure of a vehicle rolling over it, can be thrown off of high buildings, and can even be submerged in salt water, all without disturbing the contents inside. The case is airtight and waterproof with an automatic pressure equalization valve in order to assure protection from humidity and the elements. This case is an airtight, waterproof, crushproof, element-proof case designed specifically to protect your equipment from anything and everything that might otherwise inflict on it. Thatís why Pelican cases makes for the perfect addition to your sporting adventures. Brad Wiegmann, an outdoors sports blogger, suggests Pelican cases for preserving the GoPro cameras.

Automatic Pressure Equalization

Because Pelican cases are air tight to protect your equipment from the elements, itís important that pressure of the contents are equalized when taking long trips. Thatís why the Pelican 1150 Case is perfect for traveling with sensitive equipment. This case comes with an automatic pressure equalization valve, which will automatically equalize pressure as you enter and exit high and low pressure zones, without breaking the airtight seal of protection that it provides.