Pelican Cases for Less


Ralph's offers all models of Pelican cases for less than the competition. Because we ship so many cases each month, we are able to order larger quantities of stock, allowing us to pass the savings on to our online customers. Take advantage of our low prices on Pelican cases, and order yours today.

Everyone knows Pelican cases offer the highest level of protection available for your valuable gear. If you are planning on buying a Pelican case, it's probably to protect something extremely valuable or delicate. If this is the case, you should feel fine spending a large percentage of the price of the gear you intend to protect on its method of protection.

As far as protective cases go, Pelican's are not the cheapest, nor are they the most pricey. Many people struggle however with weighing the cost of protecting their gear with an affordable case that may not do the job versus spending a little more for Guaranteed Protection. When it comes to storing and transporting delicate, expensive items, it is very wise to invest in a case that will do the job properly, regardless of your budget.

This is why at Ralph's we offer all Pelican cases for less. We want customers to be able to spend more of their hard earned money on using their gear rather than protecting it. With Pelican cases as protection, anyone can rest easy knowing their valuables are thoroughly cushioned from shock, sealed from moisture, and easily accessible.

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