Uses of Pelican Cases in the Military

Pelican Protector Cases equal military-grade cases. Meeting U.S. military standards, these cases offer the most protection for military gear. For soldiers that can be deployed at any time, these cases offer instant protection for items such as guns and rifles, laptops and other military equipment.

Engineered for one-person mobility, the 1780W weapons case features a quick-loading, lockable crossbar and a rotationally molded insert to secure and protect up to 12 weapons. Additional 1780 case models include a ten-gun version with high-grade custom foam (including a manual pressure-equalization valve and humidity gauge).

1700, 1720 and 1750 weapons cases allow you to securely protect and easily carry all types of weapons and other military equipment.

Uses of Pelican Cases in Law Enforcement

When people’s safety is on the line, time is of utmost importance. The ability for those who work in law enforcement to have easy access to what they need could mean saving someone’s life. Pelican offers protective cases made with this in mind, such as the several rifle cases in their Big Case Series. These cases come with important features such as:


  • Made with Copolymer Polypropylene (strong and lightweight)
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve (simultaneously making them watertight yet easy to open)
  • Reinforced Padlocks (so when you’re off the job, you’ll know your firearms are safe from theft and also kept safe from anyone who shouldn’t be handling them)


Uses of Pelican Cases in Entertainment

Pelican is known for being a really tough case that can protect really sensitive equipment. This is especially true in the entertainment industry, where most of the equipment includes items such as hi-tech video and digital cameras, various recorders and computers. Whatever your specialty in the entertainment world, a Pelican camera case can carry almost any kind of sensitive equipment.

Pelican’s Pick & Pluck foam is made especially for this purpose. Depending on what you are storing in your Pelican Case, you’ll be able to customize your case with the foam to provide the perfect cushioning for your sensitive gear. You can even do-it-yourself by measuring whatever it is you want to store, and then breaking off any additional foam that’s not needed. It also ensures that the contents of your case stay in place until you remove them. Pelican cases offer sensible solutions for those working in the often fast-paced entertainment industry.

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