Pelican Motorcycle Cases


Mounting a Pelican Case on your motorcycle can be a great way to protect your gear from rain and other road hazards.


For years motorcyclists have used Pelican cases for storing their valuables while on the road. Although not built with this purpose in mind Pelican cases can be mounted in a variety of configurations, depending on the type of motorcycle, as well as the case being used.


Advantages of Mounting a Pelican Case on your Motorcycle:

  • Extra Storage Space
  • Weatherproof Gear Protection
  • Lockable Storage Prevents Gear Theft
  • Rugged Design Protects Gear in Accidents
  • Easy Installation


Motorcycle Mounting Options for your Pelican Case:


Pelican Motorcycle Case Pelican Motorcycle Case Pelican Motorcycle Case Pelican Motorcycle Case


There are countless configurations which can be used when mounting a Pelican Case on a motorcycle. Depending on the style of motorcycle, certain methods work better than others. You can purchase a rear mounting bracket, which is designed for your particular model and then retro-fit the Pelican Case onto it for the simplest mounting method. However, this only seems to work well if you use a single case on the top of the rear of the motorcycle.


Another option is to side saddle mount Top-Loading Pelican Cases, which allows for two cases to be mounted. The advantage of using the top loading cases for the side mount is that you can easily access them without having to take the case off the bike. When side mounting a side loading Pelican Case, you will deal with the issue of things wanting to fall out of the case while opening it.


Other mounting options include custom built mounting, which allows you to tailor the entire apparatus to your personal needs. This may work great but will require modifying your stock motorcycle, or welding to the frame.


Nevertheless, having a Pelican case mounted directly onto a motorcycle allows you to do so much more with your motorcycle in terms of what you can bring along with you. There is no set way to go about mounting these cases, so your best bet would be to custom build your setup according to your needs, and your abilities. Just make sure that they're held on tight!


Best Pelican Case Models for Motorcycle Mounting

Top Loading Cases

Side Loading Cases


Use a Pelican Case when traveling on your motorcycle and you'll never need another case again.