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Pelican Articles


Pelican Case Resource Videos - Check out some recent videos that test and document the durability and versatility that you can only find with Pelican.

Top 8 Reasons to Choose a Pelican Case - Why is a Pelican case the right choice for you?

Safeguard Your Electronics - Electronics are more prevalent in today’s world than they ever have been. Pelican offers multiple cases to cater to all of your electronic storage needs.

Preparing for Hurricane Season - Pelican Products Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of protective cases and other devices, offers cases that make preparing for the next hurricane much easier.

Pelican Camera Case Benefits - Find out why professional photographers use Pelican cases to protect their equipment.

Flying with Pelican Cases - Whether you’re a frequent flyer or not, there are probably a couple of reasons why you would want to make use of your Pelican Case while you travel.

Traveling with your Laptop - In the information age you can't afford to risk damaging your laptop. Here's how to protect it.

Long Term Gun Storage - If you take the time to protect your gun properly before storing it, you can be sure that it will be in good working condition when you are ready to use it again.

Cases for Military/Entertainment - Both military and entertainment professionals use Pelican cases. Find out why.

Motorcycle Mounted Pelican Cases - Find out why Pelican cases are widely used by motorcyclists for mounted storage.

Top 8 Modified Pelican Cases - List of some of the most interesting Pelican case modifications found on the web.


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