Safeguard Your Electronics with Pelican Cases

Electronics are more prevalent in today’s world than they ever have been. Pelican offers multiple cases to cater to all of your electronic storage needs.

Protect your small electronics with a Micro Case from Pelican

Pelican’s Micro Cases offer storage for your cell phone, MP3 player, iPod, iPod Mini, PDA or other small valuables and accessories. Special features that come with the Pelican i1010 & Pelican i1030 Micro Case include an external headphone jack (protects your device while playing it), and an active sport double end tie-down (for using it on-the-go). The Pelican iPod Cases are particularly great for rugged sports, yet are not intended for swimming or submerging.

Another line of micro cases Pelican offers, which help with your electronic needs, are the Pelican Memory Card Cases. They keep your digital data safe when you’re on the move. What’s the point of ultra-portable Compact Flash media technology if you damage it in transit? Pelican has made protective cases and coverings for your valuable electronics equipment for years—so don’t trust anyone else with your digital data. Whether you’re a professional who relies on getting your pictures, recordings and other digital information back to the studio intact, or just a budding enthusiast who hates to lose your precious efforts, Pelican Memory Card Cases are for you. They will protect your Compact Flash, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, and XD storage devices from everything from the elements to impact and shock damage.

Using Your Pelican Case to Protect Other Electronics

Pelican Laptop Cases are ideal for storing and transporting your laptop. Pelican offers several models to choose from to fit your particular needs, including the best selling Pelican 1080 Hardback Case.

Pelican Laptop Case features may include:
  • Computer case liners
  • Double safety locking latches with keys
  • Lid organizer
  • Fitted shock absorbing tray
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Pick & Pluck foam
  • Nylon padded computer sleeve
  •  Accessories pouch
  •  Padded dividers
  •  Padded office divider set


Safeguarding Your Costly Electronics from Theft

As we all know, most electronics are costly items, thus making them a target for theft. Pelican offers a solution to this problem… padlocks. The company offers two padlocks to choose from. The first is the Pelilock, which has a 4-number code combination brass lock; this lock fits all Pelican cases. The second lock is the TSA (Transportation Security Authority) Lock, which is a 3-number code combination lock. This lock is great because airport personnel have a special key for this lock, which helps prevent cutting and theft. This lock also fits all Pelican cases.

For information about these up-to-the minute cases check out our article Traveling with Your Laptop in a Pelican Case.