Top 8 Modified Pelican Cases


Everyone knows Pelican cases are some of the most indestructible equipment cases on the market. Pelican cases are also some of the most versatile cases around. While Pelican cases are more well known for extreme protection levels, recent trends have shown that Pelican cases can be lightly or heavily modified to perform completely different tasks than they were originally intended for.


Here are 8 of the most creative modifications made to Pelican cases for uses ranging from underwater videography to portable kitchens and more!


#1 Waterproof Stereo System

This case owner made use of a Pelican 1650 case to create a portable, waterproof stereo system that looks like it is very well made.


This case modification includes an amplifier, internal power supply (small marine battery), car stereo with an input for iPod or other MP3 player, and waterproof speakers, all secured to the interior of the case to prevent damage to components.


The 1650 Pelican case is a great choice for this application because the lid contains double throw latches on both the front and sides of the case, providing a much tighter waterproof seal.



#2 Bike Mounted Waterproof Storage

Waterproof Bicycle Panniers This case owner modified 2 Pelican 1430 top loading cases by adding aftermarket pannier mounts to the back of the cases. This allows him to mount the 1430's onto both sides of the rear bike wheel for added storage space.


This is a great option for those who use a bicycle as their main source of transportation, as the Pelican 1430 cases provide ample room for gear, while offering waterproof and shockproof protection.








#3 Underwater Video Camera

Using a Pelican 1040 Micro Case and his iPhone, this Pelican fan created an waterproof video camera case, capable of shooting video while completely submerged under water.

By removing only a small portion of the case liner, this user was able to mount his iPhone with the screen facing the hole for viewing while shooting video.

In addition to an iPhone, you can affix a digital still camera, or even a smaller sized video camera with the lens pointing directly through a precut opening on the bottom or side of the case. Because the liner was not affected where the seal forms with the lid, the case remains watertight, and allows for waterproof shooting.

#4 Portable Computer Station

Portable Computer System Using a modified Pelican 1500 Case, this guy was able to create a rugged, portable, computer station out of a desktop computer. The case includes a self contained speaker system, LCD monitor, internal power supply and external power connections.

This is a very nice waterproof, dustproof computer setup that would be very useful for traveling professionals that often work in inhospitable outdoor conditions.

For those not interested in doing the leg work to setup a rig like this, you might consider using a Pelican Laptop Computer case such as the 1495CC1, which is designed to hold a laptop computer with up to a 17 inch screen, while offering the same waterproof, shockproof protection.

#5 Portable Gaming Console Case

Portable Computer System This very portable XBox console case was built using a Pelican 1490 case. This setup required a lot of time and modification to the gaming console to ensure it fit inside the compact 1490 case.

While this portable gaming setup doesn't contain an internal power supply, it's still a very nice option for die hard gamers who travel a lot. Simply open the case and plug in to game on the go.

This case appears to have its waterproof seal intact, however the shockproof feature of the case has been lost due to the removal of the internal foam set.

#6 On-The-Go Kitchen

Portable Kitchen Case This idea for a portable kitchen is a great way to keep all your kitchen camping gear in order, and also makes for easier meal preparation when car camping.

Using a Pelican 1620 case as the starting point, this setup's main feature consists of two added fold out side tables that use self supporting hinges. This helps create more usable flat space for boiling water/cooking, and can also be used as a dining table when eating.

The see through lid organizer provides storage space for smaller items like utensils, and also allows space for a light, which can be used hands-free when cooking in the dark. Add the paper towel rack to the front, and you've got a complete portable kitchen solution.

#7 Portable, Rugged Battery Pack

Portable Battery PackPortable Battery Pack A photographer modified this Pelican 1050 case to be used as a portable battery pack. It allows him to utilize his flash kit when in areas without electrical access.

This modified case consists of a 5000 mAH 12v NiMH battery pack, with a power inverter to allow for a standard plug. The user drilled holes into the side of the case and mounted a power switch, as well as a 110 outlet to plug his flash kit into.

#8 Waterproof Electronic Game Caller

Portable Battery PackPortable Battery Pack This case modification was created by an avid hunter who wanted to have a completely waterproof, electronic loudspeaker system designed to play audio recordings of waterfowl and other game.

The interior of this Pelican 1150 case contains a power supply, amplifier and receiver, as well as connections for a digital music device to play the recorded game calls. The outdoor speaker is bolted to the front of the case and sealed to maintain waterproofness.

These are just a few of the creative ideas Pelican case owners have come up with to make their cases work better for them. When modifying a Pelican case you must remember that any changes made to the case will void the lifetime warranty of the case. So, before you start drilling into your Pelican case, make sure you're ok with ditching the renowned Pelican warranty.