Traveling with Your Laptop in a Pelican Case

More than likely, if you’re traveling for business, then you’re traveling with your laptop. If this is the case, then your laptop is most certainly filled with very important files and documents that you can’t afford to lose. This is where Pelican comes into the picture; Pelican Laptop Cases provide virtually indestructible protection, ensuring that all of your important files are protected while you travel.

What Exactly Does Pelican Offer?

Among its many cases, Pelican offers several cases made specifically for laptops. There are certain key features that can be found in some of the cases in this series:

  • Lid organizer
  • Fitted shock absorbing tray
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Pick & Pluck foam
  • Nylon padded computer sleeve
  • Accessories pouch
  • Padded dividers
  • Padded office divider set
  • Retractable handles
  • Stainless steel wheels

All of these features will help you to organize your paperwork, while keeping your laptop protected as you travel.

Common Concerns When Traveling With a Laptop:

Can My Pelican Laptop Case Withstand the Wear-and-Tear of Traveling?

Yes. Pelican Laptop Cases are made with Copolymer Polypropylene, which is a type of reinforced plastic, and are crushproof. Don’t worry… the sometimes careless airport personnel who may handle your laptop case are no match for a case that has survived being thrown off of helicopters, rolled over by automobiles, and submerged into water.

Will My Laptop Be Secure Inside of the Case While Traveling

Yes. Pelican offers a unique system of cushioning your laptop inside your case with what is called Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam. Here’s how it works: pick your laptop case, measure it over the grid of foam, and remove any excess foam that you don’t need. You also have the option of letting Pelican do the work for you; if you simply send them the measurements of your gear, they’ll pluck and fit the foam for you.

Will My Laptop Be Protected Against Theft As I Travel?

Yes. Pelican offers various accessories that you can purchase with your cases. In terms of protecting your laptop from being stolen, Pelican offers the TSA (Transportation Security Authority) Lock, which is a 3-number code combination lock. This lock can only be opened only by airport personnel who have special access keys designed specifically for these locks. This feature helps to ensure worry free traveling.

For more information about traveling with your Laptop or with any other personal belongings in a Pelican Case, feel free to check out Flying with Pelican Cases as Your Luggage.